The Psyclone platform is available for download as both a binary distribution and as an Open Source project. Psyclone is released under an LGPL license and the CMSDK library is released under a BSD licence. Both are standard, but in addition include the CADIA Clause – please see our Licensing page for more information.

Binary downloads:

Name Platform Link Size Release date
Psyclone Ubuntu 16 64-bit v2.0.2 32MB 13 July 2018
Psyclone Windows 64-bit v2.0.2 13MB 14 July 2018
Psyclone Windows 32-bit v2.0.2 10MB 14 July 2018

Open Source downloads:

Name Licence Link Size Release date
Psyclone LGPL v2.0.3 5.0MB 10 March 2021
CMSDK BSD v2.0.3 1.3MB 10 March 2021

The Psyclone source download includes CMSDK already, the separate CMSDK download is an SDK for development of Psyclone components.


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