Welcome to CMLabs

Communicative Machines (CMLabs) provides software and services to support cutting edge R&D in human interaction and factory robotics, machine learning, data analysis and human biometrics.

CMLabs’ primary product is the Psyclone AIOS platform, which allows seamless integration of otherwise incompatible technologies, such as computer vision, speech, online and offline knowledge, animation and real-time robotics control. Customers include large Japanese car and robotics manufacturers, European robotics manufacturing plants and more recently an Israeli face recognition company.

Our products and services include

  • Integration of real-time data from diverse sources
  • Real-time decision-making and action generation
  • Real-time interaction (human in the loop)
  • Distributed execution, computation and planning
  • Improved transition from research to deployment
  • Modeling & simulation

All our product and open source projects are licensed using either LGPL or BSD licences – and for Psyclone a commercial licensing arrangement is available too. They all, however, contain the CADIA Clause:

  • CADIA Clause: The license granted in and to the software under this agreement is a limited-use license. The software may not be used in furtherance of:
    • (i) intentionally causing bodily injury or severe emotional harm to any person;
    • (ii) invading the personal privacy or violating the human rights of any person; or
    • (iii) committing or preparing for any act of war.

Beyond this both licences are kept as standard and in line with the wider use of these in the Open Source community. For more information please review these on the licensing page.

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